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Dongguan Dekang Ultrasonic Technology Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of DKSONIC. It has a mature ultrasonic cleaning machine production line, engineering technology and a complete pre-sale and after-sales team. In Dongguan, we have more than 2000 square meters of production workshop dedicated to the production of PS series desktop ultrasonic cleaners including mechanical models and digital models, and always have a large amount of inventory for shipment at any time, which is very important for our dealers. We welcome any customers who are willing to sell our PS series ultrasonic cleaners to inquire. At the same time, we also produce and sell industrial ultrasonic cleaners, including single tank large capacity ultrasonic cleaners, circulating filter ultrasonic cleaners, automatic lifting ultrasonic cleaners, rifle ultrasonic cleaners, drum ultrasonic cleaners and invasive ultrasonic vibration Board etc. We support customization, you only need to inform your needs, we can customize the corresponding inner tank size and required functions according to your needs. For any questions about the ultrasonic cleaner, please feel free to contact us.

bentchtop ultrasonic cleaner


Bentchtop ultrasonic cleaner can be used in many applications in our life, which is convenient to be placed for cleaning. DEKANG  provide bentchtop ultrasonic cleaners from 1.3 liters to 30 liters with die casting stainless steel 304 tank and varies working mode for customer to choose.


ultrasonic cleaners are suitable to clean irregular and complex specialized instruments,components and PCBs of sundry shops, workshops, factories, etc; smash, emulsify, scatter, hydrolyze, extract, degas certain analyzed stuffs in labs.


Industrial ultrasonic cleaner usually stands for large ultrasonic cleaning tank, when we say industrial ultrasonic cleaner, it usually means that the tanks are made with soldering. These large tanks are suitable to clean irregular and complex specialized instruments, components and PCBs of sundry shops,workshops,factories,etc.

DEKANG provide large ultrasonic cleaning tanks and add varies functions to meet different cleaning requirements: Single ultrasonic tank, Barrel ultrasonic cleaner, Ultrasonic cleaner with filtration system, Ultrasonic cleaner with auto lifting system, Ultrasonic cleaner with drying system, Ultrasonic cleaner for cleaning Rifle Guns and Submersible ultrasonic transducers.

industrial ultrasonic parts cleaner