Why Need to Clean

Invisible braces will get dirty after wearing for a long time, not as translucent as new ones. Although you don’t see much when you wear them, you always feel that if you only rinse with water, you will not clean them properly. Sometimes you will use a small toothbrush with some toothpaste to brush, but it is still I don’t feel like it’s clean. After all, I’m wearing something in my mouth, so I don’t dare to be careless. So how do I clean the invisible braces?

The invisible aligner is made of macromolecule nanomaterials, which is very firm and will not be easily damaged. When cleaning, you must pay attention to the use of clean water to avoid excessive water temperature to prevent deformation of the aligner; at the same time, the detergent will cause damage to the surface of the aligner, so everyone should try to avoid using detergent when cleaning. With scientific research and technology and With the rapid development of the manufacturing process, the ultrasonic cleaning machine has incomparable advantages compared with other cleaning methods, and has obvious advantages in energy saving, high efficiency and cleaning, and reduction of cleaning costs.

Ultrasonic cleaning is currently recognized as one of the cleaning methods with good cleaning effect and high efficiency. Put the invisible braces into the ultrasonic cleaning machine, pour clean water, and turn on the ultrasonic cleaning mode. Ultrasonic can clean the braces in all directions. It can clean deep holes, crevices, dead corners and other places in place. It has the effect of efficient cleaning, sterilization and disinfection. Effectively remove stubborn stains, make braces clean as new, and protect your oral health.

What’s the Advantage

  1. Small size and high efficiency

The industrial design of the mini ultrasonic cleaning machine is actually small in size, and it adopts injection molding technology to have a beautiful appearance. It ensures that the stainless steel material is molded at one time, avoids the appearance of welding, and has the advantages of good waterproof performance and convenient carrying. Micro ultrasonic cleaning machine uses higher ultrasonic power, compared with traditional cleaning equipment, it is fast and efficient.

  1. The cleaning effect is obvious

The mini ultrasonic cleaning machine can successfully control the location, density, efficiency and impact of cavitation. It has outstanding cleaning effect on hidden places such as fine slits, deep holes, and irregular workpieces. It also has the function of killing bacteria. . The user can effectively dissolve the residual organic pollutants on the workpiece and avoid corrosion when used with a special cleaning agent.

  1. Easy and safe operation

The operation interface of the micro ultrasonic cleaning machine is more simple and clear, and it has an automatic timing function, providing a simple and convenient operation experience, and helping users to promote and use quickly. During operation, there is no need for human hands to touch the cleaning solvent and stir the workpiece, to ensure the integrity of the object to the greatest extent, and the safety performance advantage is obvious.

  1. Long service life

The miniature ultrasonic cleaning machine adopts the complex principle through the classic industrial design to extend the service life of the equipment to the greatest extent in terms of material selection and equipment molding, which helps to save the user’s purchase cost.

By comparing the micro ultrasonic cleaner, it has obvious advantages in the clarity of metal, liquid crystal, rubber and other precision equipment and small workpieces. Its design is delicate and compact, easy to use and carry, and has the advantages of low cost, energy saving and water saving, and strong safety. It is effective Reduce labor intensity, improve ultrasonic cleaning efficiency, maintain the integrity and integrity of objects, and meet the cleaning needs of users to the greatest extent.