Why the watch need to be cleaned

Why should the watch be cleaned? The popularity of watches is not only the improvement of living standards, but also the pursuit of personal quality. So why do watches need to be cleaned? This is also the way of personal hygiene and watch maintenance. The watch ultrasonic cleaner can make your watch brighter and prolong its service life.
1. In the hot summer weather, the body is prone to sweating, which is prone to stains and odors. At the same time, the bracelet is also prone to stains after being worn for a long time. The seams of the bracelet are generally difficult to clean.
2. If the mechanical product is not cleaned and maintained for a long time, it will cause the mechanical parts to work with impurities and sludge to accelerate the wear of the parts, resulting in rotation errors or directly paralyzed
3. If the watch is not cleaned and maintained for a long time, not only the appearance is dirty, but also the oil and impurities on the mechanical parts will accelerate the wear of the parts and cause errors in the operation of the watch.

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  1. Can the mini ultrasonic cleaning machine clean the watch?

This question is in other words what is the cleaning effect of the micro ultrasonic cleaning machine. When talking about the cleaning effect, we still have to start with the principle of ultrasonic cleaning: the ultrasonic cleaning machine uses sound waves that exceed the human auditory frequency (above 20KHz). Conduction in the liquid, when the sound wave propagates through the cleaning solution, because the sound wave is a longitudinal wave, the action of the longitudinal wave pushing the medium will change the pressure in the liquid and produce countless tiny vacuum bubbles. This process is called the “cavitation effect” (That is to remove the air impurities in the liquid out of the liquid). When the bubble is compressed and blasted, it will produce strong impact energy, which will disperse the dirt hidden in the dead corner of the gap, thereby enhancing the cleaning effect of cleaning. Due to the high frequency of the ultrasonic wave, the short wavelength and strong penetrating power, there are hidden gaps or structures. Complex cleaning objects can achieve ideal cleaning results.

The above is a detailed explanation of the principle of the ultrasonic cleaning machine, so the use of a micro ultrasonic cleaning machine to clean mechanical watches in life is definitely cleaner than our manual cleaning, because the effect of ultrasound can make the cleaning solution reach the corners that are difficult for people to clean for ultrasound. Shake to clean.

  1. Will the micro ultrasonic cleaner cleaning the mechanical watch damage the watch?

At present, the miniature ultrasonic cleaners used to clean mechanical watches on the market are generally household ultrasonic cleaners. Mechanical watch steel belts or some of the gold and silver jewelry we usually clean have a certain degree of hardness. Household series cleaning machines are common The power is small, and the frequency is generally 40KHz. There will be no scratches on the surface of these objects.

Some people may think that if there is no damage to the surface, will it cause damage to the movement and other parts of the mechanical watch? This is also a concern for people who love watches. The answer is no. Cleaning mechanical watches is generally to clean their watch chains. Gute Ultrasonic has several household-type ultrasonic cleaners that provide watch holders. When cleaning mechanical watches, we put the watch’s dial face up and let the watch chain immerse in Water, and add a certain amount of cleaning fluid (the cleaning fluid can be shower gel, detergent, soapy water, etc.) for cleaning.

If you still have concerns, you can consider taking 2-3 minutes to remove the watch chain for cleaning, so that you can rest assured. After all, some expensive watches are worn for as little as 3-5 years, and as long as 8-10 years or longer. Cleaning and maintenance still need to be done.

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