Laboratory Ultrasonic Cleaner

The experimental equipment needs to be cleaned before use, dried or dried before use to prevent the impurities contained in it from affecting the experimental results, such as the content of metal ions in the test solution. If the impurities contain metal ions, the ion concentration in the solution will be higher. More and more laboratories are aware of the convenience and practicality of ultrasonic cleaning. For the inner wall of the experimental glassware is always not clean by hand washing, the laboratory ultrasonic cleaning machine can solve this problem very well.

Because the ultrasonic energy can penetrate the inner wall of glassware and tiny gaps, small holes, and dead corners, it can be applied to the cleaning of any glassware, test tube, beaker, parts or assembly. When the cleaned parts are precision glassware, parts or assemblies, ultrasonic cleaning often becomes the only cleaning method that can meet its special technical requirements.

laboratory ultrasonic cleaner
  1. The laboratory ultrasonic cleaning machine has a unique degassing function, realizing a true ultrasonic vacuum;
  2. Laboratory desktop ultrasonic cleaning machine ultrasonic dual-power and dual-frequency interactive work, cleaning is more refined, and completely solving the blind area of ​​ultrasonic cleaning;
  3. The ultrasonic circuit technology is comprehensively upgraded, and the industry application dilemma is completely solved;
  4. The intelligent and humanized control circuit of the laboratory ultrasonic cleaning machine guarantees the reliability of the product in all aspects and prolongs the service life of the product;
  5. The laboratory desktop ultrasonic cleaning machine has a sleep mode in the industry, with a one-key wake-up function, which is more energy-saving and safer;
  6. The circuit has high conversion efficiency and extremely low reactive power loss;
  7. Laboratory desktop ultrasonic cleaning machine interface technology, practical: with heating temperature setting, heating switch, standard/soft working mode, degassing working mode, adjustable working time, etc.;
  8. The working tank of the laboratory ultrasonic cleaning machine is made of SUS304 stainless steel imported from South Korea by one-step stamping, with long life and beautiful appearance;
  9. Four-corner soft cushioned SUS304 material sound reduction cover, the noise generated during work is smaller;
  10. The laboratory desktop ultrasonic cleaner 6L and above has a drainage device to quickly discharge waste liquid;
  11. Special cleaning blue for SUS304 electrolytic material is optional;
  12. The generator (power supply) of the laboratory ultrasonic cleaning machine has strong anti-interference ability, good stability and high cleaning effect;