Why need ultrasonic cleaning

Due to the production environment, production process, raw materials, personnel and other reasons, medical device products often inevitably carry some pollutants, and it is necessary to clean the products.

Medical instruments such as scalpels, surgical scissors, bone forceps, burs, and dental extraction forceps are all reused. Therefore, cleaning and disinfection after use is extremely important because it is related to the safety of the next doctor and patient. Cleaning Incomplete disinfection will infect other personnel and cause a lot of unnecessary trouble. The use of medical ultrasonic cleaners to clean medical equipment can solve the problem of re-contaminating equipment by pollutants.

medical ultrasonic cleaner
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What’s the advantage

1.Clean integration

When using a medical ultrasonic cleaning machine, it is necessary to manually put in the medical utensils and cleaning fluid, but after the cleaning machine is turned on, it can be cleaned intelligently and integratedly. The cleaning, rinsing and drying are all carried out step by step and continuously. It needs to be operated manually. It can be said that it has completed a complete set of cleaning measures and saved manpower and time.

2.Protect the health and safety of medical personnel

Scalpels, glass slides, tweezers, etc. are inevitably sharp in medical appliances. If the appliances are stained with patient’s blood, there will inevitably be the possibility of infection during manual cleaning. The use of medical ultrasonic cleaners can avoid manual cleaning and infection. For the problem of disease, only need to put the medical equipment into the medical ultrasonic cleaning machine for cleaning to complete the sanitation work.

3.Better cleaning effect

Once the medicines or blood stains on medical appliances are dry, it is difficult to clean by hand. Even if there are no stains on the surface, there will still be stubborn bacteria residues. The medical ultrasonic cleaner can produce a large amount of cleaning solution when it is started. The tiny air bubbles that impact the medical appliance can also penetrate into the many gaps of the appliance. The cleaning effect produced by this ultrasonic cavitation is irreplaceable manually, and the medical appliance can be cleaned more thoroughly.

The above are the reasons why the medical ultrasonic cleaner is used to clean medical appliances. It can be seen that its work performance and cleaning performance are very efficient. High-quality medical ultrasonic cleaners can complete these tasks. Learn more about the medical ultrasonic cleaner Only with good quality can we choose the most suitable one to assist the hospital in completing a lot of cleaning work.