SUS 304 stainless steel tank
Industrial grade integrated circuit
0-80ºC temperature range
1-99 minutes working time
Power adjustable
Auto lift and swill or agitating
Dewaxing and degreasing function
28KHz for gross rinse or 40KHz for intensive rinse
Auto stand-by, sleep, and wake-up by one key-press mode
Digital controller of high-precision and a long service-life


Industrial ultrasonic cleaners are suitable to clean irregular and complex specialized instruments,
components and PCBs of sundry shops, workshops, factories, etc.

Model No. Tank size(mm) Volume Frequency Ultrasonic Power Heating Power Timing Temp(ºC) Lifting
DK-1210DM 500*300*250 38L 28/40KHz 0-600W 2000W 1-99mins 0-80 Air Pump
DK-1810DM 500*350*300 53L 28/40KHz 0-900W 3000W 1-99mins 0-80 Air Pump
DK-2410DM 550*400*400 88L 28/40KHz 0-1200W 3000W 1-99mins 0-80 Air Pump
DK-3010DM 550*450*400 99L 28/40KHz 0-1500W 3000W 1-99mins 0-80 Air Pump
DK-3610DM 600*500*450 135L 28/40KHz 0-1800W 6000W 1-99mins 0-80 Air Pump
DK-4810DM 700*500*500 175L 28/40KHz 0-2400W 6000W 1-99mins 0-80 Air Pump
 DK-6010DM 1000*600*600 264L 28/40KHz 1500-3000W 6000W 1-99mins 0-80 Air Pump
DK-7210DM Column 2 Value 8 360L 28/40KHz 1800-3600W 9000W 1-99mins 0-80 Air Pump