What is an ultrasonic cleaner ?

An ultrasonic cleaner is a device that cleans items by using ultrasound in water or an appropriate cleaning solvent, which has much better cleaning effect on those items with small gaps and holes when comparing traditional cleaning.

How does it work

Ultrasonic cleaner use the transducers under the tank to transfer electronic to ultrasonic energy and then pass the energy into the liquid through the tank from the bottom.

When the high frequency ultrasonic wave energy hitting inside the liquid, high pressure occurred will generate millions of micro bubbles and then exploded for huge blast wave, which could remove the attachments like dirty dust easily from the item surface. This process we call it cavitation. And the higher the frequency, the smaller the miro bubble is, the better effect for cleaning in small gaps and holes.

The applications of ultrasonic cleaning

Ultrasonic cleaning is now very common no matter in our daily life or in some specific industry, you may not have any idea on details, but we’re sure that you saw them somewhere. For example, if you wear eyeglasses, when you go to the eyeglass store, you may see that they are using ultrasonic cleaner for cleaning eyeglasses. And when you go to some jewellery store, they are also using ultrasonic cleaner for cleaning jewellery,etc. Here, we will divide all of there possible applications into the following industry.

Household ultrasonic cleaner. 1.3L-3L

Optics ultrasonic cleaner. 1.3L-30L

Dental ultrasonic cleaner. 3L-10L

Medical ultrasonic cleaner. 3L-30L

Laboratory ultrasonic cleaner. 6L-30L

Healthcare ultrasonic cleaner. 1.3L-30L

Industrial ultrasonic cleaner. 38L-360L

Here, we would like to introduce more on the Industrial ultrasonic cleaner, the highlight difference between Benchtop ultrasonic cleaners and Industrial ultrasonic cleaners is how the tanks are made, benchtop series are die casting tanks while industrial models are by welding. As all the industrial parts are big size and not regular shape, so our industrial ultrasonic cleaners are made of different size and shape for the cleaning tanks (38L-360L)as below:

Single ultrasonic cleaning tanks.

Ultrasonic cleaning tanks with filtration system.

Ultrasonic cleaning tanks with auto-lifting system.

Barrel shape ultrasonic cleaning tanks.

Rifle ultrasonic cleaner.

Submersible ultrasonic transducers.

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